Guts and Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Full-Bodied Leadership

How can it be that companies' best efforts to advance women in the workplace are still falling short? In Guts and Grace, LeeAnn Mallorie addresses common themes that women leaders at all levels still grapple with today: confidence, executive presence, balance, joy, intuition, saying no, purpose, conflict avoidance, and more. She reveals the thirteen pervasive societal myths that can make these desires feel impossible to achieve, and then teaches concrete, embodied practices that bring each theme to life. Her playful weaving of these modern and ancient teachings will take you on a journey of unexpected and necessary evolution—one that is required for any woman who is committed to making a bigger impact without losing herself or her critical stakeholders along the way. Guts and Grace is your roadmap on how to step out of internalized, patriarchal programming—from the inside out—and finally bring your whole self to work.