Guts and Grace

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We'd like to welcome LeeAnn Mallorie and her book Guts and Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Full-bodied Leadership to Conscious Capitalism Press. As a member of the Conscious Capitalism community for many years, LeeAnn is a powerful voice with a message for other women in leadership. We are honored to launch her book and include her as a CC Press Founding Author. Welcome LeeAnn! 

In Guts and Grace, LeeAnn Mallorie reintroduces forward-thinking women leaders to the power and wisdom of their own bodies, using tools like mindfulness, somatics, and positive psychology. Early in their careers, women leaders learn from traditional leadership models. This book offers a new way forward, showing them how to amplify the best of their early training with new, more conscious habits. Any woman leader who has ever wanted to counteract invisibility, frustration, resentment, exhaustion, faltering confidence, and burnout will be able to leave old paradigms behind and move forward with a new learned grace and confidence. The habits taught in this book are both additive and generative, and Guts and Grace teaches them with precision and heart.

Anticipated Publishing Date: Winter 2019

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