The Moonshot Guidebook

I'd like to welcome Mike McFall, Laura Eich, and Jeremy DeRuiter and their book The Moonshot Guidebook to Conscious Capitalism Press. We are honored to launch this book, which started as a resource for BIGGBY Home Office employees and now can be used to help a wider audience. Welcome, Michael, Laura, and Jeremy!

Alexander McCobin
CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.


Wanting to reach for the moon and knowing how to implement you most audacious goals are very different things. The Moonshot Guidebook lets you focus your ambitions with a step-by-step plan, visioning resources, and examples. In this book, you will learn how to map your Lunar Landscape, create a Flight Plan, and use Weekly Mission Sheets to keep track of short-term goals as you reach for the stars. No matter what your dreams are, this book is the platform to help you liftoff into your future. Many of us are fueled by caffeine as we pursue our goals; let Mike McFall, Laura Eich, and Jeremy DeRuiter of BIGGBY COFFEE guide you to powering your dreams with passion, focus, and purpose.

Publishing Date: April 2020

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